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  Loyalty Engineering represents an “idea virus”* by Leslie Cox to build a new profession called the loyalty engineer.  A new profession grows out of a documented body of knowledge, a professional development framework, and an increasing body of captured experiential knowledge for continuous professional growth.  The Loyalty Engineering website delivers these resources. In the future, it will deliver a business case for managers on why they should fund a loyalty engineer and how to measure the bottom-line impact of this role to profitability, quality and customer value.

Leslie Cox has spent her entire career in high technology and has seen all sides of the market.  She holds significant informed intuition about local and wide area networking protocols, hardware architecture and software services. 

Leslie earned a BA from California State University at Long Beach and is currently working on a MS in Quality Assurance, with an emphasis in service quality, from California State University at Dominguez Hills. She holds Professional Certificates from UC Santa Cruz Extension in Software Engineering as well as Project and Program Management.  She also is a member of the American Society (ASQ) and is an ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate in addition to being a member of the Association for Services Management International.

Prior to founding Loyalty Engineering, Leslie worked for a small business reseller and engineering manufacturer, for Nortel Networks in pre-sales support, and for Cisco Systems in post-sales technical support.  Her accomplishments while working for Cisco include serving as technical lead and team lead as well as earning team player and leadership awards for going “above and beyond” to resolve customer-impacting issues and “ramping up in blinding fashion” while mastering multiple product and technology support issues. While at Cisco, Leslie also wrote over 150 published technical tips in five technology areas for Cisco’s knowledge management and online support strategy.  By the time she left technical support, her documents were earning the second-highest number of hits for any single contributor.    

* In his book “Unleashing the Idea Virus”, Seth Godin defines an idea virus as “a big idea that runs amok across the target audience.  It’s a fashionable idea that propagates through a section of the population, teaching and changing and influencing everyone it touches."
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