Loyalty Engineering                                              

Building the Profession of the Loyalty Engineer

Profession. An occupation, the practice of which directly influences human well-being and requires mastery of a complex body of knowledge and specialized skills, requiring both formal education and practical experience.

Loyalty Engineering seeks to be the world’s foremost advocate for the profession of a loyalty engineer, more commonly referred to as a client services engineer or generically as a user advocate who serves as an intermediary between the user community and product development and engineering in high-technology companies.   

  This site prefers the term loyalty engineer since it shifts the focus to the root cause – superior customer loyalty and retention – of the effect of consistently higher profits and faster growth.  
This site seeks to be a resource by providing practical, real-world help on how to become a loyalty engineer or how to hire one.  It takes the platitude of being customer driven and turns it into a set of tasks, deliverables and results.  To paraphrase Peter Drucker in The Executive in Action, this site is a “what to do” site. As this site is a work in progress, Loyalty Engineering invites you to submit feedback that could prove useful in strengthening and furthering the profession of the loyalty engineer.
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