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The Loyalty Engineering Manifesto



  Marketing, sales, and service, when acting together, form a powerful triad for assuring customer loyalty.  They play on the same team.  
  2.   Loyalty by design is assured by design through planned and executed strategies and actions.  Customer loyalty strategies are a natural extension to a productís overall strategic business plan.  
  3.   Marketing requirements documents serve all user groups, including both primary decision-makers and after-sale support engineers.  
  4.   Customer feedback from technical support engineering amplifies marketingís success at both finding new customers and cultivating a deeper share of wallet from current customers.  
  5.   Quality represents the collection of activities that creates a product of value to customers.  
  6.   Customer service consists of all features, acts, and information that augment the customerís ability to realize the potential value of a product or service, in addition to handling customer complaints and fixing broken products.   
  7.   Outstanding customer service serves as a competitive weapon.  When it is outsourced internally to customer advocacy, customer relationships will suffer.  
  8.   After-sale support services are a profit center. They become a cost center without appropriate usability, serviceability and maintainability features in a product.  
  9.   The total customer experience includes all interactions with the company throughout a productís life-cycle.  The sale begins the relationship with a buyer.  
  10.   All functional groups have a right to customer experience data.  
  11.   Empathetic, resonant leadership, and not command-and-control management, helps to ensure employee loyalty and in turn customer loyalty.  
  12.   All functional groups have a right to amplify their effectiveness via knowledge management and sharing of best practices.  
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